What do they look like?!

What do they look like?! One of the things I missed during Lockdown (I’m one of the quiet 40% who mostly enjoyed it), was sitting at the window table at Mohshinas, enjoying the food and people watching (does anyone else do that?). Tonight was lovely, the sun was shining, families were eating and enjoying the music in Clifton Square. But every now and then someone would walk past and, as my old mum would say “what do they think they look like?!”. Do we all have a self image which doesn’t match what other people see? (I’m sure I do – don’t say anything – I’m not the rugged macho bloke you see 😉 I’m easily hurt by harsh words …)
Anyway it’s shaping up into a very pleasant evening. Service at Mohshinas: Exemplary, unrushed but attentive, never have to wait for a cold lager to land (Cobra or Kingfisher, Kingfisher or Cobra? I think Kingfisher might win tonight but the trial is ongoing …)
Food at Mohshinas: Always excellent (Is this the best fresh lime pickle in the world? The best onion bhaji this side of Darwen?).
Hope you’re all having a great evening. Steve
Other eateries are available in Lytham(!) please click on the link below:

Author: steve

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