Times they are a changing?

I remember the grim times of the ’70s. Or did it seem grim because it was it was a family thing that we all gathered around to watch the BBC News every night? It’s only recently that I’ve learned that BBC actually stands for Bleak Broadcasting Corporation … Well, anyway unemployment was rising, seemingly inexorably, (dictionary definition: adverb – in a way that it is impossible to stop or prevent). Sorry, it’s hard to get out of teacher mode even though I’ve been retired for two years now (yippee!).
Anyway, I digress (something I did a lot of apparently, but why stick to lesson plans?), ‘experts’ predicted that permanently high levels of unemployment would be something we had to live with and adapt to. Well, one thing that life teaches you is that experts are very often wrong, the pandemic reinforced that – fancy having to try to make decisions based on ‘experts’ advice!
Now we have the opposite, employers just can’t get the staff. On the plus side the law of supply and demand is leading to better wages and terms for the employees, and not before time in my ‘umble opinion. I hope that was not a controversial statement – I avoid controversy like the plague … So last week I started to compile a list of jobs available in Lytham (Local Jobs for Local People – who remembers League of Gentlemen?). If you’re still with me they are on the link below. Have a good week. Steve www.lytham.online/jobs

Author: steve

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