The Story of Lytham Gin

Looking back, the decision to create Lytham Gin was an obvious one. Sara, a former chemist and chemistry teacher with a passion for flavour molecules and husband Paul, who spent most of his career working for one of the largest food and beverage manufacturers in the world, now wonder why it took so long to […]

Times they are a changing?

I remember the grim times of the ’70s. Or did it seem grim because it was it was a family thing that we all gathered around to watch the BBC News every night? It’s only recently that I’ve learned that BBC actually stands for Bleak Broadcasting Corporation … Well, anyway unemployment was rising, seemingly inexorably, […]

Walking saved my life

Walking saved my life. At the age of 40 I was working silly hours as a teacher. My career was progressing well but my health was suffering. I was pale, overweight and very unhealthy. I found time to visit my GP with a niggling bad back. He sent me off for various tests and scans. […]

What do they look like?!

What do they look like?! One of the things I missed during Lockdown (I’m one of the quiet 40% who mostly enjoyed it), was sitting at the window table at Mohshinas, enjoying the food and people watching (does anyone else do that?). Tonight was lovely, the sun was shining, families were eating and enjoying the […]